Sunday, 26 October 2014

BMX for life!

This past few weeks has been such a fun time for Jago and myself. Personally I have rediscovered a love of a sport that I briefly revisited in the mid 90's  Apparently thats mid school now. I raced in the 80's and thats old school!! In six weeks I have learnt some new skills and realised that I'm not that unfit!

Selfishly i'm having a ball, but the best thing is seeing Jago's confidence grow each week we go, and others noticing it too, seeing him having coaching and putting into practice what he's been taught, having fun with  the other kids, and the older kids too (read adults), and not wanting to leave when its time to go home. He's is a little ripper and is getting better and better. Like surfing its a great sport that instils true character building, independence, motivation and confidence, and on a bike..skills for life.

This summer he was amazing in the surf, he learnt new water skills, took some great waves, cruising left and right and had a huge grin on his face as he paddled back to me, he made his old man very proud. Now coming into winter when the water is getting chilly he's making me proud again but on his bike. In the past few weeks I have got back in contact with old riding friends, made some new ones and watched Jago find a sport that he truly loves, with a bit of help from his dad... BMX for life people!!

Friday, 24 October 2014

Wild West Shooters by Jools

 Take a look at these two amazing Wild West Shooters. Beautifully shaped by Jools at Gulf Stream Surfboards and with pure function in mind. The top one, the 7'4" 'Traveller' in opaque white resin is built for FUN. A one board 'go to' wave sled that will surf in head and above clean peelers, to head high choppy, onshore mess; to smallish versions of the same. This is a great all round board and since I picked it up I have surfed most conditions that Sennen can throw our way down here in the West.

The bottom board is a 9'0" Speedster built for exactly that, speed and versatility. For anyone wanting to gradually come down of their 9'6" heavy single fins and begin to feel a little more agile on the wave. Hard in the tail for speed and bite.

Both these boards are  beautifully finished by Jools and his team in Devon and they will happily have a chat about any of these designs. If your a larger guy then these boards are a happy solution to feeling frustrated in not having the right board. These boards can be custom ordered to suit your weight and needs. These boards can not be found on the website but are in the mind of a master shaper working out of Woolacoombe. Voted the best Fish Shaper in Europe Jools knows what he's doing so go and support a great UK Shaper.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Mini Rippers

Jago getting ready for a game of Cat and Mouse.

Thursday, 16 October 2014


Can't help but be impressed.

Friday, 10 October 2014

The Neeeeeed for Speed.

Beautifully had shaped Wild West Shooter by Jools @gulfstreamsurfboards for good friend Simon Hann. He wanted something a little shorter, sleeker and more refined than his log. This single fin beauty is 9'0 x 22.75 x 3 and is built for speed and versatility. If your a Longboarder and want to start moving down in size or need a little MPH under your feet this is just the trick for your winter sessions. 

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The Traveller Model by Jools x WWS

This is the new 7'4" Wild West Shooter Single Fin 'Traveller' Model (working title). This has been beautifully hand shaped by Jools and finished in white opaque resin at Gulfstream surfboards. This is a perfect example of custom craftsmanship, it's super fast, super responsive, it likes a bit if size, paddles with ease and overall, right now, I'm stoked. 

The idea has alway been to add a really refined midlength singlefin to the existing Wild West Shooters like the 9'8" and the 8'2" Models.  The 8'2" is a solid bundle of fun and those that have ridden one, swear by its versatility and function, but there was room for a slightly shorter, possibly perfect travel board for those of us wanting a little more length and float, lets be honest here, the Chunky Brother!! 

I personally wanted a board to put on the racks of the Suzuki Van Van and travel a little bit of France, knowing that one simple board could pretty much surf everything I would likely encounter within reason. I had planned on heading off later this month it looks more likely to be Spring 2015 due to my Fathers 90th Birthday getting in the way( so selfish Dad!!) but it will happen. 

As a man of the larger variety (read: Chunky Brother) I wanted a board to feel comfortable, stable and fun, a board I can run into the garage grab and know that I'm going not going to struggle on when trying out paddle frothing grommets when the waves get a little punchy. Having surfed the board last weekend in some overhead beach break conditions here at Sennen, comfort is what I got. 

On a personal board gatherers note, having a slightly transitional look, when I put the 'Traveller' in my racks in the garage it fits perfectly amongst my other boards in what is essentially a timeline quiver of shapes from mid 60's style logs to 70's twinnie, eggs, and down railed single fin. Basically, it fits perfectly.   

I'll keep you posted the more its ridden but so far so good and feels like a real bundle of fun under my feet. When I spoke to Jools a couple of days ago to give him some initial feedback he was stoked and thinking of doing some more. I can see this board working in all sizes and sub 7' would be great fun too. If you like what you see give Jools a shout or drop me a line. Also keep your eye peeled for a new log coming soon, and this is really exciting.  Thanks Jools for another beauty. 

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Go Jago.

Yesterday was Jago's first day of Novice coaching at Cornwall BMX Racing Club. He did really well and considering his second week on the track he's getting quicker and more confident with every lap he does. I forgot how much fun BMX Racing is,  but considering that 1984 was probably the last time I raced, then a 30 year anniversary is not a bad time to get back into it. In terms of complimenting surfing, well there's no better way to keep fit that doing sprints and BMX is all sprinting, jumping, coordination, and focus; if you don't focus you fall off...hard!!! Thanks Jago.

We're also working hard to get a BMX Track in Penzance. There's so many great riders in the Penzance area it would be great for the town and Cycling as a whole. Please take a look at our Facebook page 'a BMX track in Penzance' and please like it.