Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Disposable BBQ's and Disposable Tourists.

So last night was a beautiful evening here in Sennen. After dinner I went and sat on a rock and watched the waves from the top of the hill, just across from my house, with a fresh cup of coffee. Three brand new cars pull up, three family's, with about 6 kids. They proceed to set up these disposable BBQs with the most amazing priceless view there in front of them. I sat and thought, 'I hope they don't leave them when they've finished'. Fucking tourists with no respect, they went and left them!! Great message these families just sent to their kids... Well done. It's a good job that there are some kind people within society that do care about out environment to make allowance for dirty scumbags like these.. This planet you doesn't deserve it. My @2minutebeachclean done, but wish I hadn't had to see this at 7am this morning. Rant over.. And by the way that was not my innerchimp ranting! actually spread the word, share with everyone, these disposable BBQ's should also come with disposable tourists!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

BMX for Life Part 2

Work has been a little tense, trying to by a house has been even more stressful than  imagined and this is keeping me away from writing blogs. The one thing that has kept me sane is that Myself and Jago have been training hard, riding hard and enjoying our racing. This past weekend we travelled to Tiverton for round 4 of the South West BMX Series and what a great weekend it was. I was so proud of Jago for battling his way to a fourth place in his B Final after narrowly missing out on third. He's getting to grips with the racing and their is so much to learn, not least that you need to want to win or at least try your absolute best, and this he did. He's racing in the 7 expert category against some of the best young riders who have been racing since they were 4 years old, so he's doing really well.

Myself I managed to achieve a goal that I had only recently set myself and make an A Final. Our Cruiser division (24" wheels) has been opened up so instead of just racing against my own age group,  I'm racing against all ages from 17+. Bearing in mind I'm in the 45+ Category its tough competition but its such a fun category as many of us are dads with sons racing too, some have been racing years and like myself, a few of us have come back into it after years away.  I'm absolutely loving being back into BMX, I don't think the passion has ever left me and I find myself making new friends, representing a great club in Cornwall BMX, people of similar passion and commitment to training and progression. When we race we want to beat each other and as soon as you cross the line, we congratulate each other, we shake hands and are pleased for each other, no matter how disappointed. I'm not winning races but I'm winning in the sense of achieving goals, I'm using techniques I'm teaching others to control my own nerves, develop own confidence and aim for the best result I can and so far I'm actually proud of myself. BMX for Life as they say.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Reset Button

To compliment the work I do at Discover2Empower I'm embarking on a part-time project of my own that aims to support, coach, assist and maybe help people to press the reset buttons in their minds. The term inner chimp was arguably made popular by Dr Steven Peters and his mind work with Sir Bradley Wiggins and Sir Chris Hoy and their Olympic and Cycling achievements.
Personally the work is fascinating and the name simply fits, we can all relate to this and the domain name was available!!  I've already been contacted by Chimp Management to wish me luck but more importantly please say that I'm not associated with with them!!! So on my website it says this but must thank them for being very gracious and actually really supportive which underlies what they teach.
My first project is the Mind Boot Camp seen on the previous post and I have faith that these will develop as there are aspects of each session that really can change your life, change your perspective and possibly, help evaluate how we live our lives whether, emotional, career, sports or day to day living. To find out more about the Mind Boots and the other aspects of the Life Coaching that I can offer please take a look.

Friday, 1 May 2015

MInd Boot Camp.

For anyone needing a little bit of an extra kick to get motivated or focus on the goals ahead I'm doing a little moonlighting alongside Discover2Empower.
Details of the Mind Boot Camp can be found on but simply designed to give your mind a workout in areas that might need some positivity, structure and some personal well being. The first sessions will be at Sennen Village Hall starting Monday 11th May so please drop me a line if you interested.

Alongside this I'm also offering one to one Emotional Coaching using Spectrum Therapy, NLP and Relaxation.  This is a great way to clear out any deeper rooted areas that might have become real challenges in your life. Again go to the for more information.

If you really keen this emotional coaching can be done alongside Surfing or sport and combined with goal setting for both physical and mental goals.

Please drop me a line and let me help you move forward and refocus.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

B Final Action

Unlucky not to make the A Final at last weekends regional at Exeter trying all I could to make the top four in the semi final to take me through but just didn't have enough in the tank to get past on the last straight. Anyway I was so stoked to have won the B Final it really menat that my fitness has improved so much and has proved to me that a combination of great coaching, commitment and hard work really does start paying off.
I'm leading the 45+ Cruiser rankings and did pretty well to beat a few of the younger guys this weekend too. Looking forward to this weekends racing on our home track.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

BMX for Life

Lately my life has consisted of surfing some amazing waves at Sennen on a whole range of amazing boards shaped by Jools at Gulfstream and this has been such good fun and would not change it for the world. However, deep down every day I've been looking forward to round 2 of the South West Regional BMX Series at Exeter. Well, we've just got back and our weekend ended with massive smiles.
After travelling up on the Saturday we had a great open practice with friends at a great track in Marsh Barton Exeter and welcomed the hotel Saturday night that was given to us by a friend who had to sadly cancel. I owe you one Jon Clifton...thank you but gutted you missed a great weekend.

I wish I could explain this in more detail because the whole atmosphere of being at the races is such a great experience, the racing is so intense and the crashes heavy, it amazing fun. When the racing started Jago rode his heart out amongst an amazing group of 7 year olds who are the future of BMX Racing, these youngsters know how to ride and ride fast. Many have a few years experience on Jago but he made me so proud finishing 3rd in his B Final pushing him up the rankings a little and possibly into the top 10 in the South West, we'll have to wait for the points to be added to British Cycling. So proud as he never once gave, up. Even after slipping a peddle at the gate he didn't drop his head he fought back and took two places fighting all the way to the line. His B Final was the same he rode the last straight with so much determination that he go the third place and his smile said it all. Super Stoked.

 As for his Ol' man, well I did OK too! After putting all us cruiser riders (24" Wheels) into one open group meant as a 45 year old I was racing against 17+ year olds (17-29, 30-40,40-44) and upwards!! I did OK, actually if I was to 'own it' ,I did really well and could not be happer. I got 3 x thirds in my motos (qualifiers) fighting all the way and went to the semi-final, which was stacked as they say, feeling really god. I did all I could and battled to the line trying desperately to make the A Final but could not pass one lad, so got 5th and went to the B Final. So stoked anyway I went into the B Final as highest points scorer and had pick of my gate, I chose gate three and led form the gate to the line and realised then that I won by beating the younger riders and also still retained and extended my points lead for the regional 45+ Cruiser Class.

Our Club as a whole did  amazing well with so many riders taking top places and making A Finals, Micah, Colby, Sienna, Logan, DCL, Scotty, Yasmin, Abi, Andy, Kalin, Jacob, Caden and so many others getting great placings its a testament to a great club with committed coaches and volunteer staff that make racing so much fun and when you see the organisation and support that goes into a regional race like Exeter its staggering and its all voluntary.

With seven more rounds to go I'm so hooked on racing again and Jago can't wait for next weekend as Round 3 is at our Home track at Cornwall BMX Racing Club so if anyone local is reading this and wants to watch some great racing then come on on down.