Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Space Invaders

If your a cyclist like me this says it all. If your not a cyclist and reading this then it should say it all if you have some common sense. Like it or not, cycing is the number one growth sport in the UK so please be nice and give us some room! If you can't beat us...join us, you may like it.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Get Cleaning

On Thursday myself and colleague Fay with Discover2Empower took our group we are currently working with out to the beach at Bantham and did our beach clean. Inspired by the Save our Waves (SAS) , the 'Pick up Three' model, and recently the 2 minute beach clean initiatives we have used the beach cleans since the empowerment programme began. Having the former founder of Surfers Against Sewage, Chris Hines, as a fellow Director when we were both previously at Surf Action was an amazing privilege. On our very first empowerment course delivered for that charity Chris walked us along Porthtowan beach and used the beach clean as a vehicle for change. Chris' motto is M.A.D. or Make a Difference and he lives his live by this. He spoke of making the small changes first and then leading to wider and greater changes in life, being aware of the problems but focus by looking at the solutions. I'm sure Chris won't mind us continuing this ethos and I have a fraction of his knowledge but the beach clean is a great way to engage with our groups. Chris has his business 'A Grain of Sand' and if your business needs a strong message in Making a Difference then please look him up.

We also now combine this with the Two Minute Beach Clean initiative; by taking a short time to clean up a small stretch of beach and remove the small pieces of plastic and non-biodegradable rubbish from our shores and relate this small effort to create a greater opportunity in life to move forward, whilst also helping ourselves and others. The beach clean is solution focussed, we now the problem, the solution is to educate others not to throw their crap on the beach, or over the side of a boat, and if they do, encourage others to take some of their time to help clear it up. Please take two minutes when your the beach to pick up someone elses litter, take a photo and put it up on instagram with @2minutebeachclean and join a revolution.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

'Needle and Thread' by my ol' man.

My Father harry Pierre is 90 years old this year. He's been in the Steyning Camera Club for longer than I can remember and is by far the oldest snapper there. On the first Friday of every month he's up the front shooting the musicians at the Jazz club and what seems like most most Tuesdays he's out having a coffee somewhere with the rest of the club. After asking for ages, but continually being denied by my Mum to let him shoot here hands, he decided to set up his own shot and this was the result, bloody classic, 89 year old hands threading a needle. Much like his long and varied life he has spent those years living life, never complaining,  just getting on with it,  and the old boy seems to be getting more creative as he gets older. In his words "Its a good life until you weaken". Crack on Dad this is an amazing shot.XXXXX

Monday, 25 August 2014

Jools is now back from his Summer hols and ready to take some orders for the coming autumn/winter. Personally I'm awaiting a sweet 7'4" ride that will be perfect for down here in the wild west. My good friend Si has just order a 9'0" speed log based on the 9'6" shape on the right and I can't wait to see how that turns out. I've been riding the yellow 9'8" on the left and the 8'2" in the middle a lot this summer and both have been amazing. The 8'2" has stood me well down here when the swell has hit the bank perfect and jumped in size. Rather than be put off by a bigger board in a wave with some punch I've had an absolute ball and taken the odd screamer. It holds nicely in the wave, is super fast and when you need to crank a turn the 9" Skip Fyre single fin lets you do so with absolute confidence. With still enough board to move around on this is such a fun board to take out in all conditions. My wife loves it too! Please drop me a line or go direct to Jools here and have a chat with probably the best shaper in the UK